Patrick Mason

Multi-talented Patrick Mason is taking Berlin’s techno scene by storm.

You are a true multi-talent working as DJ, Creative Director, Designer, Illustrator, Model and Influencer. How do you manage to combine all your talents, and what's the secret behind it?

For me it comes very naturally. I just do what i love. So it's not work for me but my passion. Since I was little, I was a very outgoing and art obsessed kid. I was dancing and singing all the time as well as running around my house playing dress up and moonwalking through the hallways. Now with SRVD, I get to combine my love for fashion, performance, art, dance and music on a professional level. It fulfills me, so there is no secret behind it. If you do what you love, there is endless energy.

How did it all start and what do you personally consider to be the key moments in your artistic career?

It basically started with me moving to Berlin and allowing myself, for the first the time, to be my true self. It took me quite a while to find my artistic self, but after I figured out what I wanted to do with my life, I went straight for it - and nothing could stop me. Working as an art director for numerous fashion brands gave me the opportunity to peek behind the curtain of the industry, teaching me how to make my way up. A major turning point in my career and in my life in general was when I met Matt Edwards aka Radio Slave. He became my mentor and really good friend. Matt took me under his wings and taught me a lot about music, the house and techno scene. Shortly after, we formed the Techno / Hybrid Live Duo „SRVD“ (SERVED).

You are a staple in the Berghain scene - the secretive, sex-fueled Mecca of Europe's nightlife culture, where the parties never seem to end. Tell us more about it!

Haha - What happens in Berghain, stays in Berghain :)

What's the craziest occasion you've played at in Berlin and LA?

The two craziest gigs I played last year in Berlin were our SRVD - Debut in Panorama Bar - Berghain during „Pride Weekend". We set the roof on fire and showed what we were made of. Viscous voguing performances on top of the bar, strip downs, outfit changes into fierce couture and just a wild party, which might remind someone of the crazy nights at studio 54 in New York. And the second one probably was Radio Slaves Boiler room set for Pornceptual at Arena Club. A party so hot in every sense of the word that it was taken down from Youtube and is now streamable at PORNHUB! The first ever streamable BoilerRoom on a porn site. As I haven’t played that many gigs in LA yet I have to say I had lots of fun playing the closing set for „RHONDA’s“ at CATCH ONE last month. The Vibe was through the roof and all the fierce kids came out and showed out!

You have recently released your first EP collab w/ Radio Slave under the name SRVD. What's the story behind it?

As I mentioned before - Radio Slave has become one of the most important people in my life. When we met 3 years ago in Berghain where I heard him play the first time, I was immediately mesmerized by his energy and his way of catching the crowd with his tunes. After a friendship developed over the years he also supported my first steps into the „Dj world“. After he found out that I was also a singer, he invited me to his studio and we started recording „ELEVATE“ and within one week, the EP was finished and ready to go for a test spin in no other club than Berghain. I tagged along as a special guest.  Matt requested a Microphone from the club, and I just jumped on top of the DJ booth and performed „Elevate“ live. It was a massive hit. From that moment on, it was crystal clear for us that we had to give it a go, and SRVD was born.

Where do you find inspiration in LA / Berlin?

Berlin is a city which never seems to bore me. It’s constantly changing but still never loses is original vibe. It is so extremely multi-cultural and full of life and energy. So no matter where I go, I find inspiration in basically anything. LA on the other hand, is a bit tricky for me. It’s too polished and clean. People try very hard to become something they are not, and everything is career and money driven. People forget to live at times. But I love the contrast of landscapes and glamour.

What's next on your list? Can Angelenos expect to hear more from you in LA?

My next year looks very good. We got booked for several high profile festivals and clubs in Europe. It’s going to be glorious! And for sure we will tackle the American and Asian market next year. Los Angeles is definitely on our list.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years? World Domination!

Listen to Patrick's Rave Till Dawn playlist for berlin-losangeles


Patrick Mason (@iampatrickmason) is a creative director, designer, and performer who’s taking Berlin’s techno scene by storm. Since his encounter with Matthew Edwards aka Radio Slave in Panoramabar at Berghain a couple of years ago, the unlikely duo produced their first EP, Elevate under the name „SRVD“ (served) on Rekids. Taking inspiration from the Detroit techno and New York house scene, the live hybrid performance resembles a fresh and new turn on the techno scene. As a solo artist, Mason is enchanting clubs around Europe with his distinctive tunes, ranging from techno and disco to Chicago house.

Patrick Mason

Creative Director

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