Katharina Baron

Katharina Baron, the versatile founder of House of Baron, effortlessly balances her roles as a director, writer, producer, and actress. Influenced by the distinct vibes of Los Angeles and Berlin, she captures the cinematic beauty of LA's golden hour and draws inspiration for writing from Berlin's urban landscape. Katharina's creative journey reflects her commitment to unbridled creativity and spirited storytelling.

Read below to learn about Katharina's career, inspirations, and view on the sister cities.

What has been your favorite campaign to work on as the founder of House of Baron?

It’s always hard to pick favorites. But now that we are talking about Germany, I really enjoyed the shoot for German VOGUE as it was packed with action and sports, and we had a fantastic team. We shot in so many fun locations like a boxing gym, the pier, and Brooklyn rooftops. 

VOGUE shoot behind the scenes

How do you incorporate all of your talents in your work as you are a successful director, writer, producer, and actress?

I think they go hand in hand. It is all storytelling, and I don’t really have other hobbies. I do what I love for work and that is maybe why it seems like it is a lot. But I am very responsible and know that when I commit to a certain project, I will do the best I can. That is my German side, I guess. 

What inspiration do you get from Berlin and Los Angeles and how does that influence your work?

I think LA has this beautiful golden hour light. When I first saw it, I was so impressed that I wanted to move there. It is such an inspiration for directing, especially with surroundings like Joshua Tree, Ojai, Malibu. I feel that sense of beauty in nature in LA. Berlin is more gritty, grey but super good for writing, going within and having to stretch your imagination. I think being surrounded by many artists also helps and Germans have more solid values and I like to stay grounded in reality. Sometimes a trip to Berlin is much needed: LA feels like a great place to retire (haha). It lacks the energy of a big city where you walk the streets and meet people. It is a bit of a dreamland, and you have to stay close to your roots to not let the city affect you. 

Describe Los Angeles in 5 words. 

1.    Nature 

2.    Sun 

3.    Erewhon 

4.    Malibu 

5.    Film 

Describe Berlin in 5 words. 

1.    Berghain 

2.   Borchardt 

3.    Cold 

4.    Edgy 

5.    Gray 

Why are LA and Berlin such a great fit?

They are pretty much the contrary in every aspect: LA has no nightlife, Berlin is known for it, hot vs cold, sunny vs gray. Besides the differences, both places are a great match.The way people dress is similar and there is a great sense of space and freedom in both places. They can be considered “outsider cities” and are very relaxed. It’s different from the busy NYC, Paris, or London. 

Behind the scenes of the “Izotti” campaign

If you were to give advice to others, what wisdom would you share?

“Do something for work you are so excited about that you would pay to be able to do it.” 

Please describe your creative process in writing, editing, and publishing your upcoming novel.

I was always writing, just very few people know about it. I was asked to write a short story for a German book compilation, and then the publisher said it should be a novel. I resisted for many years, but each time I tried to write a script I gravitated to short stories and then I realized that I could weave them into a novel. It was like a puzzle and a really fun process and really something that grew on me as it represents the ultimate freedom of creation. You don’t need anyone to write, and you are really just influenced by your own imagination. 

Check out Katharina’s work and keep an eye out for more information on her upcoming novel!

House of Baron's Katharina Baron excels in directing, writing, producing, and acting, inspired by LA and Berlin for creative storytelling.




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