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sister cities since 1967.

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Sister Cities since 1967.

We live in the digital age, one that brings people, ideas and visions together.  This website is a digital platform that intends to communicate on a more direct human-to-human level. Berliners and Angelenos who have businesses and ideas will meet here in a more direct and uninhibited way. From now on, a new era begins, a new life for the "Sister Cities", and it will start here.

2017 marks a special year as the sister cities celebrate their 50th anniversary. is the digital home of the two sister cities and is supported and co-funded by the Sister Cities of Los Angeles and The Governing Mayor of Berlin – Senate Chancellery.

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Are you planning an event involving Berlin and LA? That tells us something about each city and brings good people together?

Or do you want to share your special LA/Berlin moment?

Every type of story works: love, loss, despair, ideas, Hollywood, the past, architecture, or anything else. They can be photos or written stories. Do not be shy!

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