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We coined the term eco chic in 2002 there was no luxury organic skin care on the market. The organic brands I tested out were greasy, oily, heavy - Some smelled good but I did not see results. All were ugly packaged. It hurt my eyes.

Describe Julisis in 5 words:

plant - power - probiotic - clean - beauty

Who or what inspired you to start Julisis?

We coined the term eco chic in 2002 there was no luxury organic skin care on the market. The organic brands I tested out were greasy, oily, heavy - Some smelled good but I did not see results.  All were ugly packaged. It hurt my eyes.

Julisis is known for its clean and natural ingredients and its combination of ancient knowledge with alchemy. Tell us more about this interesting outlook on beauty and skincare. 

Our manufacturing is based on homeopathic pharmaceuticals, founded in 1895 - our cosmetic part in 2002. 70% of the plant material comes from our medicinal plant garden in Northern Italy, where the natural habitat is fully intact. The highly mineralised water comes from the melting glaciers. We cultivate certain archetypes that are extinct in wild nature, much more potent than what is commonly available.

Your brand focuses on a human’s very own biorhythm a lot. Tell us about your inspiration for this approach. Do you live by it as well? If so, how and in which areas of life?

That is ancient alchemy to align everything and support on several levels, the liquid gold associated with the sun element) in the morning products activate your energy center, protect your skin and give you that special glow, the liquid silver in the nighttime products (silver is a moon element) help to detox firm and rejuvenate, following the process our internal organs do over night. The products support what our organs do. Synchronized with the biorhythm.

Did LA fuel you with new inspirations for your products and ingredients?

Yes, there are many face oils on the market, of course I want to be better. In our UK facility we maintain an own oil press, meaning 1 h after cold pressing the fragile seeds we can have it in the bottle. The difference to other oils, we have the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and aminos active and fresh. Most oils on the market are actually old. Long transportation ways require a cocktail of preserving vitamins, applied to skin they oxidize very fast and create free radicals.

Is there such thing as a Berlin skincare routine and an LA skincare routine?

There is a similarity: the lack of discipline. If you have a skin care issue you have to follow a protocol, I am very strict with that and refuse certain clients even celePRETTY if I feel they are not following through. It really is a waste of money and frustrates me. A real transformation and healing takes place when you apply a discipline and don’t sleep with make up on or run after the lastest product and mix too many.  My Asian clients, Singapore and Hong Kong especially are super disciplined and have the most healthy skin.

How did living in Berlin affect your outlook on beauty and your brand? 

I moved to Berlin in 2001 from New York, that was an exciting time in Berlin, you almost had a blank canvas, creative and exciting. It gave me the space to create. That changed a lot with the gentrification and the Schwabeninvasion :) it was great to start something new but in the long run i knew I had to move on. I usually stay 10 years in a city.

Your current mantra?

Honor yourself, love yourself and the universe loves you back

What's next?

Nutrition, to really become a holistic brand, day spas and an investor who gets the whole picture and potential.

Julisis at Amarees in Newport Beach, CA.
Julisis Skincare Products
Pearl Body Serum
Julisis at Amarees in Newport Beach, CA.

Julius Eulberg born 1.1.1964, Capricorn, is the brain and heart behind JULISIS. His early fascination with alchemistic principals was developed and expanded by studying the famed Swiss Alchemist and Doctor Paracelsus. An entrepreneur in the organic, holistic cosmetic and fragrance industry since 1989, Julius Eulberg’s expertise focuses on the development, production and distribution of pure organic skin care products and fragrances. In 1991 he invented 'OK-Tissues', a patented system of aroma-therapeutic towelettes.

He created a number of products for Comme des Garçons Parfums, Kirna Zabete fragrances and Sphatika International. In 1996 he designed and created skin care brand Jules & Jane, a symbiosis between Western knowledge and Indian Ayurveda. 1998 Julius consulted Quartier 206 in Berlin, he set up the outstanding cosmetic and perfume department amongst many other contributions

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