Dive into Galestian's vibrant musical journey and discover how Berlin and LA shape his sound.

Harmony Across Continents: Galestian's Dual City Inspiration

What is your favorite part of being based in both Berlin and Los Angeles?

Basing myself between Berlin and LA truly offers the best of both worlds. Berlin, especially during its vibrant summers, is an extraordinary city with its open-air events, lively parks, and deep roots in techno culture. It's a one-of-a-kind environment for collaborating with people who are on a similar journey, and I've had the pleasure of meeting some incredible people in Berlin over the years.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, so I have lots of friends and family there. LA has a lot to offer, but I especially love the hiking trails surrounding the city, the health and wellness culture, and the thriving music and film industries. It really is the entertainment capital of the world. Earlier this year, I was invited to the Grammys and also became a voting member (of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences), so I do see myself spending more time in LA to embrace other emerging opportunities.

How do the two cities differ? What is similar about Berlin and LA?

Berlin and Los Angeles both have their similarities and differences. One big difference is in their public transportation systems. Berlin has a more advanced system, making car ownership largely optional, whereas in LA, it’s often a necessity.

Berlin stands apart with its seemingly boundless events, some going on for days, particularly within the music scene. On the other hand, LA's events typically wrap up before 2AM, although it still harbors a thriving underground scene. The cost of living is significantly lower in Berlin compared to LA, and the climates differ. LA offers warm and sunny weather more consistently, while Berlin has more distinct seasons.

In terms of similarities, both cities attract passionate and creative entrepreneurial and artistic types. Start-ups are growing in both cities, and they both serve as international melting pots, where people from all over the world contribute to create something unique and special.

Does Berlin or Los Angeles have the best music scene?

I'd give the edge to Berlin, particularly for its dominance in house and especially techno. Berlin's events place a premium on the music, ambiance, and culture, often stretching into uninterrupted marathons all weekend long.

In contrast, LA's events frequently spotlight grand productions and headline acts. While LA possesses its own strengths, I'd say that Berlin's dedication to music and diverse subcultures establishes it as the ultimate destination for aficionados of electronic music.

What has been your favorite or most meaningful project that you have worked on?

My last 3-track EP called A Warm Place” was released earlier this year, in February. It was inspired by some personal and meaningful moments within my life.

It’s special for a few reasons, one because “A Warm Place” marks an inaugural foray into my own songwriting and vocal recording. It was written with both of my nephews in mind, symbolizing the fresh journey that lies ahead for them, which we can all draw inspiration from even as adults.

"Inner Child" radiates hope and positivity, featuring the laughter of my eldest nephew, serving as a reminder to maintain a childlike curiosity towards life.

"Silver Lining" emerged from introspection during challenging moments in my life, also influenced by my sojourns in Asia, and incorporates ethnic instrumentation and transcendent chants.

What are your future aspirations in the music industry?

As an artist, I think it’s important to perpetually evolve, and at the moment, I'm experimenting by working with instrumentalists, vocalists, and songwriters across various genres that resonate with me. My aim is to push the boundaries of my music, tapping into that same curiosity that initially led me to producing music.

Outside of releasing new music, I’d like to keep playing more events between these two parts of the world. Besides touring Asia again, I'd also love to tour and explore Latin America.

Overall, I see more collaborations happening, all of which I’m really looking forward to.

Galestian, the accomplished electronic music producer, finds his creative sanctuary split between the dynamic cities of Berlin and Los Angeles. He thrives amidst Berlin's techno-charged summers and revels in the embrace of his hometown, Los Angeles. Here, the allure of the entertainment industry and the warmth of familiar connections fuel his music, resulting in a distinct and dynamic fusion of influences.

Instagram: @galestianmusic


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