Nancy Bachmann

Why did you come and stay in LA?

I first came to California in 2011 to produce the travel guide book “A perfect weekend in San Francisco”. I had seen it in the movies but hadn’t experienced it. After the production, I spent two nights at the Chateau Marmont, then bought a vintage Mercedes with my friend Namy and drove across the country to Upstate New York in a week. Those two days and nights in Los Angeles unexpectedly stuck with me. There was something in the air in L.A. I felt reconnected to my soul again. I felt something I’d never felt before. I knew that this was the place where I wanted to live and settle down.

I returned for three months over the winter, found a room in Beachwood Canyon right under the Hollywood Sign and got really into Kundalini yoga through a 40-day challenge, cold-pressed juices and the healthy Californian lifestyle. I felt so at home and understood. Whether it was through driving to Joshua Tree for the first time or waking up in Big Sur, I was inspired by the freedom, the space and the creativity. I was attracted to the idea that everything is possible and, if you fail, you can always start again.

Los Angeles Cold Press in 5 words…

Alchemy, Quality, Californian Spirit, Experience, Community

What inspired you to start your business? Why in Berlin?

In 2012, my sister, Cindy was on her way to Panama to harvest coffee. She stopped in L.A. to visit me and joined me in my daily ritual of practicing Kundalini yoga, drinking juice and enjoying the California lifestyle. My sister’s planned month stay turned into six months, where we hopped from juice bar to juice bar, falling in love with the flavors of the very best juices and also became Kundalini yoga teachers. 

We then created the Los Angeles Cold Press concept in 2013, when we discovered that we couldn’t live in Berlin without bringing the L.A. experience of transformation with us. Life just was not the same without our daily juice. We started with a juice bar pop up in 2014 and just grew from there. 

Bringing our cold pressed juices (energized with mantras) and ‘bottled sunshine’ to Berlin, and, sharing our experiences felt like we were creating a bit of our California Dream in Berlin. 

Since we founded the company, we have hosted retreats and began developing an entire conscious lifestyle brand, aiming to link what we see as two sister cities through the creation of a connected conscious community.

Your are about to open the doors of your second location end of September. What can Berliners expect?

Yes, we just got the keys for our new shop in Charlottenburg, the Old West, and our second space where people can enjoy being nourished with products that enliven their spirit. Besides offering our homemade cold-pressed juices, nutmilks, superfood snacks, herbal tonics, adaptogens and holistic lifestyle tools, we will also host monthly events and start creating a platform for health-conscious living by connecting people and worlds. 

Why is Berlin such a great fit for a LA typical business? 

Berlin and LA are both very international and open cities. Nearly everybody in Berlin loves Los Angeles, has been there or knows it from movies. Similarly, there is a growing interest and curiosity for Berlin emanating from the LA community. 

I see myself as an ambassador for the sister cities, Berlin and L.A., and as a link and connector for projects in both cities. I enjoy combining both worlds and the best that each city has to offer, and, Los Angeles Cold Press is one of the vehicles to achieve this.

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Charlottenburg Location: Niebuhrstraße 11, 10629 Berlin (opening end of September)
Mitte Location: Friedrichstraße 71, im Quartier 206, 10117 Berlin
Photo Credit: Rob Stark

Nancy Bachmann is a conscious living advocate and publisher/producer with years of experience. A native of Germany, she now lives in Los Angeles since 2015 and moved to spread an elevated consciousness around the globe. She is the co-Founder of Los Angeles Cold Press, a cold press juice company and wellness brand, motivated to bring the healthy Californian lifestyle to Berlin and beyond. She is also a partner in Smart Travelling (www.smart-travelling.net), an award winning Print & Online Travelguide and author of "A perfect Week/ Weekend…“ with over 50 books published. 

Her newest venture is N/B Conscious Productions, devoted to raising our collective consciousness by capturing honest moments and truthful conversations. It’s a global channel for the “new luxury” based on carefully curated experiences, wellbeing and deep connections.



Nancy Bachmann


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