Mykita's Founder Moritz Krüger

The authenticity of the area connected with so much history, creativity and controversy resonated with MYKITA.

Describe Mykita in 5 words: 

Modern Minded Muscle Manufactory Madness

LA is Mykita's second store in the US. Why did you decide to bring Mykita to LA?

Well, the United States is the second largest market for MYKITA. From the outset, our designs have been really well received by an American press and clientele. After opening a shop in New York we were just waiting for the right opportunity on the West Coast.

Downtown, Broadway, the Eastern. Why here? Why not the westside?

Downtown has a rare and compelling character that absolutely drew us in. The authenticity of the area connected with so much history, creativity and controversy resonated with MYKITA. Becoming part of the buzzing transformation taking place here is inspiring.

Mykita eyewear is handmade in Berlin, known for unique and screwless designs. How do Angelenos respond to your products?

Very well I think! As we offer such a wide variety of styles, our customers are an incredibly heterogeneous group of people. What connects them is generally a passion for original product design, as well as valuing the way in which these designs are manufactured. The MYKITA Shop Los Angeles is now the first MYKITA Shop to offer a personal shopping service. We hope we will reach even more residents by saving them the notoriously long hours in L.A. traffic – MYKITA by Appointment means we bring the eyewear selection to the customer.

Did the move to LA fuel Mykita with new inspiration for designs?

Well, we actually released a special edition frame to mark the opening of the L.A. shop. MIKI + SHADES represents a characteristic MYKITA aesthetic – a classic, round aviator with an acetate front that comes with a tailored sunglass clip-on made of stainless steel. Of course, we also have our longstanding collaboration with designer Bernhard Willhelm, who is based in L.A. for a number of years now. His input always seems to deliver a healthy injection of contemporary L.A. cool.

Is there such thing as Berlin sun glasses or LA sun glasses? And if so, how do they look like? What makes their design special?

Berlin is a city in the state of becoming; the style and culture has changed massively alongside the transforming cityscape over the last decades. Still, I would say there is an element of simplicity or unfussiness to Berlin style and this is surely where MYKITA fits in. We are about a product with a clear message and purpose, we don’t separate between form and function. The way something works is the design. You see how something is built and has become the most recognizable feature of our frames. MYKITA is also about looking forward and not so much about nostalgic design. Of course, we are well-versed in eyewear history but we would never replicate a historical shape one-to-one.

Moritz Krüger is the managing partner and creative director for Mykita, a German-based eyewear brand known for its innovative designs. Krüger co-founded the brand with three co-workers hailing from Oldenburg in Berlin. Mykita currently has stores in many major cities including Los Angeles and Berlin.

Mykita's Founder Moritz Krueger


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