'Du und Ich in LA' by Silke Burmeister and Sophie Seifried

The weekly podcast features Deutsch-centric guests with unique and interesting careers who share their personal LA love story, along with the ups & downs of expat life.

As the first German podcast from Los Angeles 'Du und Ich in LA' (in English 'You and I in LA') takes German listeners right into the exciting and inspiring stories that only Los Angeles has to offer. We had the pleasure to chat with the voices behind the podcast, Silke and Sophie, about what inspired them for 'Du und Ich in LA' and how they got started in the midst of a global pandemic.

You both have lived in Los Angeles for quite some time now. Can you share what brought you to the city of Angels and where your path first crossed?

We have both very different stories. Silke always dreamt about living in Los Angeles and moved here right after high school. Sophie never had the intention of moving to LA but she received an interesting job offer that she couldn't turn down and moved to the city without ever having been here. Luckily, we met through a mutual friend many years ago and became close friends.

'Du und Ich in LA' is the first German Podcast from LA. What inspired you both to get started?

Silke played with the idea of starting a podcast for quite some time. Sophie realized that her passion shifted from visual content to audio content, so she left the film business and started to focus on podcasts. It was a natural decision to start a podcast together – and it's been a lot of fun ever since.

Season 1 is in full flow right now. What can listeners expect from 'Du und Ich in LA'?

We want to invite our listeners on an exciting audio journey to discover Los Angeles and California from different perspectives. What's so special about the city? Why are so many people dreaming about California? Our weekly podcast features Deutsch-centric guests with unique and interesting careers who share their personal LA love story, along with the ups & downs of expat life. We also cover the latest wellness trends, chat about Hollywood nightlife, dive into the film industry, share typical “So LA” moments and inspirational success stories. We deliver insights and information that might help people who are thinking about moving to the US. Last but not least: we strive to bring a piece of Los Angeles' glamorous, sometimes challenging and often adventurous way of life to the listener’s ears, no matter where one is on the map. We hope this podcast resonates with you as much as it has with our current subscribers. 

The Corona pandemic has thrown some curve balls at all of us. How have you and your work been affected and where do you see the value of a podcast, especially in times of social distancing?

Podcasts definitely noted a drop-off in audiences but it has retained its long-built momentum. Research has shown that more podcast listening takes place in the home than on other mobile environments and this has only continued under the current pandemic. And for us, this year has been very beneficial. People are traveling less and everyone has more time on their hands, so it's easier to connect with possible future guests since everyone is stuck at home and available for an interview. It's a bit weird and not very convenient to record with a mask on but better safe than sorry. Surprisingly, the sound doesn’t suffer. We love to record in person, as the energy is so much higher and it feels as if we are having a “Kaffeeklatsch”. 

'Du und Ich in LA' BTS with Hollywood stunt women Petra Sprecher

We know many of our readers have interesting stories to tell and a very special relationship with Los Angeles. Where can they find you and get in contact?

Please follow and message us on Instagram @duundichinla or visit our website and of course listen to our podcast!!

What's next on your list?

We are just getting thing on our list is to finally launch our YouTube channel.

Got curious? Make sure to listen to our favorite episodes from Season 1

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Silke Burmeister

Silke was born in Germany, brought up in Niger and now calls Los Angeles her home sweet home. Since earning a degree in broadcast journalism in 2004, Silke has worked as story producer and creative director for the German television market. She has made short documentaries and feature stories for ZDF, Pro Sieben, Arte and numerous others, covering the worlds of film, music, and cultural topics. Over the past ten years of living in LA, Silke worked in all facets of the entertainment industry: from taking part in Pro Sieben's annual Oscar live coverage, to enjoying one (possibly two) glasses of wine with Matthew McConaughey as part of a TV special, to story producing shows like Germany's Next Topmodel and interviewing Hollywood stars such as Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Ben Affleck at press junkets. Being a journalist and a walking wanderer, she has had the pleasure of meeting many interesting people with different backgrounds who make the podcast colorful, informative as well as entertaining. When Silke is not recording or filming, she escapes to the beach in Malibu, the mountain trails of the Angeles National Forest and to California’s Mojave Desert – all within two hours drive from where Silke resides in LA´s artistic Eastside neighborhood Silver Lake.

Sophie Seifried

Sophie is ‘Berlinerin’! She started her career in Berlin, Germany, at MTV Networks in the TV Development/Acquisitions department, helping to acquire shows such as South Park, Family Guy or America’s Next Topmodel for MTV Germany. After moving to Los Angeles, she worked for major film sales and production companies, acquiring as well as selling films such as KILLING THEM SOFTLY, starring Brad Pitt; SONG ONE, starring Anne Hathaway or THE GREY starring Liam Neeson, to name just a few. Sophie is traveling to all the popular film festivals worldwide, for movies and meetings. Needless to say, her favorite festival is the Berlinale. She is a wellness junkie, always happy to try every new trend or workout and loves a good soundbath. She currently lives right below Griffith Park in the Hollywood Dell with her two French bulldogs, Lilly and Monet.
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'Du und Ich in LA' by Silke Burmeister and Sophie Seifried


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