Bulgarian-native and Berlin-based artist DENA spoke with Berlin-Los Angeles about her music, career and of course, Berlin and Los Angeles!

You are originally from Bulgaria but choose to live in Berlin. Do you include the different feeling the cities offer in your music?

I always have loved traveling and the idea of being at home everywhere. In my mind, I keep a stereo picture, which is a mixture of all places I have loved and felt at home. It keeps everything I love about them close to my heart. So, I guess a feeling of those places, Berlin and Los Angeles, is always present in the way I express myself musically.

Leaving your home country very young is a brave step. Any tips for those who want to move to another city or who want to chase their dreams internationally, just like you did?

I guess, hold on to what makes you believe and feel motivated to make the move; it might be discouraging and scary on the way, but often, if you feel the need to change things, the decision has been actually already taken for you even before you make it happen. So then, you have no other chance but to actually make it happen in order to follow your well-being.

Your sound took a bit of a turn from summer flea-market jam to more laid back, softer tunes. What have you been up to?

I am writing songs and continue to keep loving music. It will always be interesting to me to further explore how to express myself with it.

What is your relationship with LA?

Since I first started releasing music, I have been coming to LA every now and then to write songs, see friends and get inspired. It’s amazing how many people from music and arts live there. So, it’s always nice to change my European surroundings and combine it with work, while having the opportunity to be in studios and a creative environment in beautiful California.

What is the first thing you do when you arrive back in Berlin?

I try to relax a lot and minimize the jet lag.

If Los Angeles and Berlin were songs, which ones would come to your mind for each city? 

LA is the synth melody of Snoop Dogg - Nuthin But a G Thing. But also can be a sad Lana del Rey song. Berlin is some dark techno tune that goes on for 10 minutes.

The title of your album If It's Written was set before you even created the songs. Is there a story of why you have such strong faith in everything falling into place?  

My album's name emulates the quote, “if it’s written in the stars.” It’s about that internal piece of trust and hope you have after giving your best that things will work out - the glue that connects action and luck. It’s about when you can’t tell the future but have hope that things will be all right.

What are you looking forward to in 2019? Anything you can share with us?

I am looking forward to making some new songs and videos and playing a bunch of shows and festivals.

Wanna check out DENA's work? Listen to the single off her new album (out Sept. 14th!)

Ever since moving to Berlin, Bulgarian-born singer/songwriter and producer DENA (born Denitza Todorova) has been working on her signature sound, a unique mix of handmade pop, self taught piano compositions, polyphonic harmonies and personal lyrics, combined with self programmed electronic beats. After her single “Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools”, released as an EP on the French label Kitsuné, went viral in summer 2012, DENA has received praise from some of the biggest media in Europe and worldwide (e.g. Der Spiegel, Guardian, Dazed & Confused, Fader), as well as wowing audiences at SXSW, clubs and festivals around Europe. In 2014 she unleashed her debut album Flash, a collection of bass-heavy pop-inspired songs about the ever-increasing pace of human life in the digital era. Ever since the release of her first singles she has been touring internationally and playing showcases, festivals and concerts around Europe, together with her live band or solo. In September 2018 she released her second album “If It’s Written” via Mansions and Millions.
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