Mor Elian

I wanted to explore life in Berlin, but also had many attachments to LA so I settled for both.

If you had to sum up Berlin and Los Angeles in 3 words each, what would you say?

LA: palm tree - sun - taco
Berlin: minimal - raw - moody

You are originally from Tel Aviv and now are based in LA and Berlin. How did LA and Berlin convince you to make them your home? 

LA and Tel Aviv have similarities and Berlin and Tel Aviv have similarities. So, Berlin and LA actually have the biggest contrast, it’s really the best of both worlds. I wanted to explore life in Berlin, but also had many attachments to LA so I settled for both.

What do you miss most when away from Los Angeles and/or Berlin? 

I miss my routine in Berlin when I’m in LA, it’s much more relaxed and simple. When I’m in Berlin I miss the sun, easy going vibes and good food.

In terms of music culture, how are the two cities different? 

Well, Berlin is a lot more developed, its like a mecca of some sorts, a lot of exciting things every night. It’s a bit more full on to. LA is a lot more sunny vibes, the darkness doesn’t run as deep, its still wonderful!

How do the two cities influence your work as a DJ and a jewelry designer? 

I think I was able to develop my music more and go deeper being in the Berlin environment. Not sure why, maybe because my life is more simple and stripped back I could focus more, but it could also be the vibe. As for jewelry, I think maybe went a bit more simple and minimal than before. Also, started using a lot more silver.

Where do you find inspiration in LA / Berlin? 

I find it in a similar way, things just come naturally by default.

How does your daily life in Los Angeles and Berlin differ from one another? 

In Berlin my life is a lot more simplified I can really get into what I am doing. In LA, I’m in my car most of the day running from one place to another. I just get really busy there and I’m not sure how that happens.

What is the most misunderstood thing about Berlin and Los Angeles? 

Most people have a bad opinion about LA, that is based on seeing things through media or on the surface. Unfortunately in LA to really get the city, you have to know a couple of people that suit your vibe and have a car. About Berlin, a lot of people think it’s the best place ever but that’s also a misconception. It’s dark here most year (no sun). Food isn’t so great and it’s hard for people to make ends meet. The energy can get harsh, but it's really great in many ways.. its just a balance. Both places have minuses and pluses, it’s all about what suits you more at what moment in your life.

Out of your jewelry designs, please share a special LA / Berlin piece with us and describe why it represents the city well. 

I don’t really design from that place but I would say these two can work in each city:

Even though in Berlin people like simple, functional pieces with a twist, I think this chain would be an exception. its is more edgy, and could work work with the overall style.

Mor Elian, Is an Israeli born artists, splitting her time between LA and Berlin. She is the owner of Myrrh Jewelry and a working international DJ. She books "Into The Woods" underground warehouse parties in LA.

Mor Elian


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