Johanna Hedva and Xina Xurner

JOAN presents an evening of performances by Johanna Hedva and Xina Xurner, in conjunction with If You’re Reading This, I’m Already Dead, the first institutional solo exhibition in Los Angeles by Los Angeles- and Berlin-based artist Johanna Hedva.

start date

January 25, 2024 8:00 PM


2220 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90057

Hedva will debut songs from their upcoming, in-progress album, Fist. Written on a haunted acoustic guitar that disappeared for ten years and then returned in winter 2023, the songs from Fist produce a voice that slouches toward a serenade by screeching, croaking, and growling. Dominatrix blues, bog-witch lullabies, succubus folk: There is doomed lament, dismembered body parts, murderous rage, and, of course, ordinary swampy heartbreak with men on their knees.

Xina Xurner will present their cathartic music performance combining DIY and power electronics, mutated vocals, and bad drag to expand ideas about queer and trans femme bodies and cultivate intimacy with otherness. Their music combines a variety of genres (including happy hardcore, industrial, drone metal, and techno), to create sadical and sexperimental noise-diva-dance anthems that evoke a sense of transformation, rebirth, and renewal.

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